Sunday, January 9, 2011

I should be drawing but.....

I should be drawing but..... I've been watching a lot of movies and podcasts on movies I've been trying to catch up on. Here are some of my favorite sites:
This site has some really funny animated movie reviews, and fairly casual/layman reviews on movies, comic books and games.
An offset of the Slate magazine, this site is a bit more formal (they use slightly bigger words and are more yuppie-ish) and the insight comes from both men and women reviewers.

Slate Review for Black Swan

Sound on
Hey you all you fellow Canadians, this is a Montreal based site which has many reviewers from Ontario and writers throughout the world (mainly Montrealolers and you can kinda tell). They offer an interesting mix of pretentious movie reviewer with a strong love of bad b-movie horror.

SOS review of Black Swan

I'm still sketching something so I'm not slacking too much? Right?

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