Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Screen Prints at the Royal Bison!

Hey everyone! I am reliving another textile moment! Please to all the Edmontonians, join me and a group of lovely friends (who were nice enough to include me) at the Royal Bison craft fair - More product shots to come soon! Read more...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playing with my Outsider Illustration

When I was working on my Outsider piece for my mailer, I had a few other interpretations for the front piece. These ones were not my favourites since the character is hiding more than standing out but I liked the results enough that I wanted to post them to show. Thanks and enjoy!

Outsider - version A

Outsider - version B


New images for my two sided mailers

It is mailer time again! So I've been busy doing images for both my e-mail and postcard images. This time I've decided on a two sided mailer and used the theme "outsider" on both images. I've always wanted to do detailed images with contrasting silhouettes in each piece. Both pieces started with an ink underline and some experimenting with watercolour.

Outsider in the Crowd

Outsider looking Out

The Love Goddess

Love Goddess - Colour work

It's a bit early for Valentines day but I decided to take another look at a piece I did earlier last month - love goddess. I liked the watercolour piece I did earlier but thought that a bit of playing around with some ink and photoshop would help me get a brighter and richer piece. I definitely was not disappointed!

Love goddess - Line work

Ah, memories

Colour - MemoriesInk verion

It's a bit of an experimental week! I had an old sketch lying around - memories - which is my interpretation of what happens to a person when they look at old photographs and other nostalgic items. So I re-inked it and re-tooled it with some watercolour textures and voila a new piece with a bit of a softer feeling that I really like! Read more...

How technology can bring us together

I just did a quick illustration roughly based on an article I read - crackberries.
I was observing some of my friends their significant others and was wondering, wow, when you're tangled up in all that technology, may it be a blackberry, an ipod, nintendo DS etc, do you even have time for a chat with each other? This is my playful interpretation and possibly my own future in it! Read more...

Busy times!

Whew! It's been a busy few weeks where I was with products and good friends at Toronto Canzine and the 50 cent show. Unfortunately I was without camera to document it all but it was two days of selling stuff and trading stuff with lots of coffee and bad jokes. Instead I bring some pics of the some of the things I was selling including:

Year of the cow

Cute little greeting and Chinese Zodiac cards.

Cover of Pulling Strings
A rough draft of a children's story I'm doing with my good friend Karen - Pulling Strings.

Cover of my four shorts: The final day, Take me to hell, Que Cera and Death's calling

A handful of short comics featuring my Death by Numbers world.