Monday, November 15, 2010

New Info graphic - Carnival park deaths

I just updated my website with another info graphic I did for a company a few while back. The topic was some of more outlandish deaths at Carnivals and wow I found they could either range from super tragic to super silly. There was the ride in China where six people died and eight were injured or a USA Ferris wheel where the ride stopped, the guy panicked and then tried to climb out, it was three stories high. Half the work was spent on online research, wow there was a bit to go through, and the rest was on the info graphic. The finished product took a total of five days, including research to complete.


  1. reminds me of mad magazine!!! send it to them!!!

  2. Ha ha thanks! Unfortunately the image belongs to the client who commissioned me.

  3. Nice, but if the guy was decapitated, how he didn't die?